MOE Matched Molecular Pairs Node Error FP:BIT_MAC 6 words

Dear all,

I am using the Matched Molecular Pairs node from the MOE extension and it works fine for some data sets, but for some I keep getting an error, where it tells me FP:BIT_MAC 6 words and then lists different (I am guessing row) numbers where this error apparently occurs. It looks like this in the console:

[ 1902]: , FP:BIT_MAC 6 words
[ 1903]: , FP:BIT_MAC 6 words
[ 1904]: , FP:BIT_MAC 6 words
[ 1905]: , FP:BIT_MAC 6 words
[ 1906]: , FP:BIT_MAC 6 words
[ 1907]: , FP:BIT_MAC 6 words
[ 1908]: , FP:BIT_MAC 6 words

At the end of the statement I get the following message:
ph4_FingerprintMDB: done (1686.96 mol/sec)
mmp_Create: add: Vector of wrong length.

The “funny” thing is: in some cases when I change the parameters of the node (e.g. Tanimoto coefficient) then it suddenly shows this error for a data set where it actually worked before.

Can someone help me please?

Kind regards,


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