MongoDB connection to Atlas Cloud

wanting to test MongoDB and set up a free server on Atlas. Unfortunately they don’t officially support Knime to connect.
I have a look a the MongoDB nodes, but have to admit I am not sure how to fill out the form to connect.

E.g. a comparable Java snippet copied from Atlas would look like this:

Username & password are obvious.
Database would be
Collection must be cluster0
so what is host? or ?
and what about authentication db? the login site?

thanks in advance.

The authentication db is optional and can be left empty. The host is Are you sure your collection is called cluster0? It is a collection of documents in the database, but here cluster0 is basically the name of the instance your DB is running on.
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You are right, cluster0 is the instance.
Guess I am though still not doing it right, I get a time-out.

It’s not a drama - I will resort to the GUI given by Atlas for now. Working with NoSQL after finally knowing some SQL is … a piece of work in itself.

If you want to try again with KNIME, let me know! I am happy to help with establishing the connection.
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