Mongodb query for selected data

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I am facing issue while running knime workflow on server , as it is taking very much time.

My issue:

(1) What shall i write in query, to reduce data to run on test basis…suppose if actual data is 10,00,000 but i want only 1,00,000 to test the workflow…image

My query:{“MBLNR” : {$exists: true, $ne: “”}}

Please guide, basically i want to reduce data coming from server… to test workflow as it is taking lot of time to run, and while running workflow,if any issue arise it take lot of time to rectify error.

Thanks in Advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ravi -

The MongoDB Reader node uses Jongo to retreive documents, so maybe you could use the limit syntax?

Example from


I’m no expert on this by any stretch, so if this doesn’t work please let me know and I will try to find someone who can dig a bit deeper.


Hi @ScottF
Sure let me Check!

Sorry I am not able to write projection for it,

my situation is like i am writing query:{“MBLNR” : {$exists: true, $ne: “”}},
it means if any field name MBLNR is there in “mseg” table, bring all data for this table…
when data comes it is in huge volume,

So i need to reduce this large data coming…

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