MongoDB Writer Execute Failed

Running Knime 3.1 I received this error when trying to write the 3rd document of a 150k documents to a MongoDb. Querying the DB showed that the first two documents (Row0 and Row1 from Knime) had been successfully written. Each document is approximately 16,000 characters long

MongoDB Writer : MongoDB Writer : 0:123 : Execute failed: Not enough parameters passed to query: 

It was followed by a dump of the document. Copying and pasting the document into the mongo shell allowed me to add the document unchanged to the DB so I'm 99% certain there's no fault in the JSON (but you never know). The previous node was a successful column to JSON node.

There is no authentication or encryption on the server so none set in the writer. I can turn the logging level up if it will provide more help

BTW. The console log message truncates to the right so on the screen I could only see the tail of my document. I had to go to the error log to access the details.


could it be that the third row has a "#" character somewhere in it? This character is a placeholder for parameters in Jongo. Right now there is unfortunately no way to change the placeholder string to something else. I will see if there is some workaround.



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HI @AlexanderFillbrunn
Just wondering if you have a feature enhancement on this.
I am using MongoDB upsert node and trying to insert a value like “ID#1”. Because of hash character, I am being thrown with error not enough values. Is there an alternative to deal with this ?


Dear Sudheer,
Unfortunately there have been no improvements to the MongoDB nodes yet. I agree that this should be fixed, though. I noticed that there is no internal ticket for our developers about this issue yet. I will create one now!
Kind regards,

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@AlexanderFillbrunn - Seems that this error
ERROR MongoDB Writer 3:3 Execute failed: Not enough parameters passed to query:
still exist in 4.3.3. Any ETA when this would be fixed. My data also has # characters and need to be loaded into MongoDB. Please advise.

Hi @dvkumaraws2019,
Indeed we have rewritten the MongoDB integration from the ground up and with Analytics Platform 4.4.0, which is due to be released next week, you should be able to check it out!
Kind regards,


Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn , I upgrade to 4.4.0, but still the error persists.

ERROR MongoDB Writer (deprecated) 0:3 Execute failed: Not enough parameters passed to query: {“Review”:1964,“Brand”:“MAMA”,“Variety”:“Instant Noodles Coconut Milk Flavour”,“Style”:“Pack”,“Country”:“Myanmar”,“Stars”:“5”,“Top Ten”:“2016 #10”}

Dataset Link → Ramen Ratings | Kaggle

@dvkumaraws2019 Can you replace the deprecated version of the node with the latest version from 4.4.? Look for it in the node repository, or drag-and-drop from the KNIME Hub here:


Thanks a lot. It worked.