monitoring workflow execution (time/memory)

Dear Knime users and developers,

I have started to use Knime 3 months ago. I am very pleased of its possibilities.
However, I am looking for a way to monitor a workflow execution
By this way, I mean a possibility to get

  • execution time of each node
  • memory usage for each node

I searched in knime/doc/forum,
it seems that monitoring memory of each single node is not possible,
so my question turns rather toward time.

I hope that I did not have missed it somewhere,
I am sorry otherwise.

Thank you for your reading and your potential answers :wink:

If you have DEBUG messages enabled (default for the Logfile, can be configured for the KNIME Console as well in the preferences), you will see the execution time for each node. Monitoring memory usage is not possible. This is a principle problem even for the whole Java VM, since it is unclear how much of the allocated memory is actually used by live objects and what is garbage. Breaking it down to each node is even more impossible.


For those, who will bump into this discussion (it comes up as one of top results, when one googles for “knime timing monitor”): in the modern releases (AP 3.7, for example), there is Timer Info node, see the docs