Month over Month Comparison

hello all, I have a question about a comparison between current month and the difference from the previous month.

I receive every month a file with FC figures of the coming months. I would like to show the change between the FC reports.

In the first step I am looking for a way to write the stands one below the other and create a column with the stand. It should look like this.

Ideally, is there also a way to show the difference between the stands?

Thanks for the support

Hello @ARock1980,

After reading the two tables you can use the Constant Value Column node to add the Stand information to each table. Afterwards you can write the two tables below each other using the Concatenate node.

Regarding the difference. Do you mean the difference between to consecutive months in the same Stand, or the difference between May in Stand P04 and May in Stand P05?


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Hi @Kathrin, thanks for your help. I mean the difference between May in Stand P04 and May in Stand P05. Is there a simple way to show the result?

Hi @ARock1980,

it is not as simple as using the concatenate node, but possible :slight_smile:

Here is a little example workflow that shows you how to solve your use case:

Please have a look at it and let me know in case of any questions.


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Hi kathrin, great solution!!!

But I have a problem with the “Lag column” node and the “math formula” node. I think it’s because my two tables have different numbers of rows (Table 1: 1520 / Table 2: 1527). Or, from which table has to be the number of rows for the “lag column” node and how do I have to ajust the “math formula” node?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The workflow only gives you the correct results if:

  • the number of materials is the same each month
  • and the materials occur in the same order each month

If this is not the case we need to make the workflow more robust :slight_smile:

Is the material number an identifier between which rows you want to calculate the difference?


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Hi @Kathrin , I found a workaround for this theme. But thanks alot for your Workflow it really helped me alot to understend KNIME more and more by my first steps!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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