Month to Month calculation

Hello all

Got stuck on a problem. After some initial processing, my data now looks like this:

Now comes my issue. I need to calculate the percentage change from January to February, from Feb to March and so on.
I can obviously do the calcs with the Math Formula node, but I need to make it work all year long, and those months don’t exist yet.
Sample of math formula output:

The formula is a simple Perc calc:

Any help in solving this is greatly appreciated, currently drawing a massive blank.
Tried Transposing, Unpivoting, Multi column Math … I couldn’t make any of them do what I need.

My first approach would normally be unpivot the columns and do the delta calculation using lag column or column expressions. If new data is appended it should be calculated when you reexecute the flow

hi @MMarius
i apologize if this is not what you were expecting

KNIME_month_trend.knwf (157.0 KB)



Hey @marzukim
B.E.A.UTIFUL., just beautiful!
Works like a charm and is EXACTLY what I needed.
Thank you very much!


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