More detailed documentation for building a plugin

Is there any additional downloadable (purchasable) documentation to assist in writing a Knime plugin? For example, the new node extension wizard has node types including Sink, Learner, Predictor, Maniuplator, etc.  Is there anywhere that discusses the differences of these and their impact on the design?

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Hi Peter,

You mean something like Javadoc? You can install the sources to your target platform and always get quite good description about the types, methods.

The types -as I know- really only affect the colour of the node.


I see the javadoc's, I was thinking of something more detailed step-by-step procedure and overview.  In looking at the source of various nodes, there seems to be an incredible amount of capabilities that can be exploited in a node, things that go beyond NumericBinner.  I've never developed an eclipse plugin, so I'm not sure if my confusion about the roles and scope  of the different java classes is really rooted in the development of an eclipse plugin or is specific to Knime nodes.

Would third party documentation regarding building eclipse plugins be of value or am I better off going through the source of other nodes and matching up what they do with the corresponding javadoc info?

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This is where I started out from:, I also found this guide through google

It is not as detailed as what you are after though. 






Sam, thank you.  I think it will be a matter if just sitting down and going through the various nodes out there and get a feel for it.  The Noding Guidelines was also helpful.