More input ports for Geoview (for using multiple layers from different files)

Feature request: Working with multiple layers from different files is not possible with the Geoview Node, if I’m not mistaken. More input ports for this node would therefore be great.


Hi @Christian_Essen,

Doesn’t simply concatenating the tables work for you? (to you have all the entries as single geometry column)

Hello Armin,

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Just to clarify the current case:
I have a table with approx. 2000 shops and various information about them, in particular their location (Geometry Point) in a federal state in Baden-Württemberg. Another table contains the approx. 1000 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg with their administrative boundaries (Geometry Polygon or Multipolygon) and population densities. One layer should therefore show the shops on the map of Baden-Württemberg, another the municipalities with the respective population density.

I don’t think that this scenario can be reasonably depicted with a table in Geoview with only one geometry column. But I’m happy to be proven wrong ;-).
Or more fundamentally: If it is to be possible to work with several layers, then it should also be possible to generate these layers from different files, each of which could have a completely different structure.

And one more point: working with the configuration interface is a real pain on high-resolution monitors - the font is tiny and the contrast is very poor, see the image below. Is there a way to at least zoom in?

Many thanks again and best regards!

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Thank you @Christian_Essen for the clarification. Now I see your point. I agree that there could be multiple input ports (datasets) and also mutiple geometry columns to be able to customize multiple layers.
Let me discuss this internally. I will get back to you with an update soon.

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Thank you, Armin :+1:

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Hello @Christian_Essen ,
makes perfectly sense to support this. I have created a feature request for this and we will look into it.


Great – thank you, @tobias.koetter :+1:
(Alternatively, a Geospatial View Node with multiple layer capability and two input ports would of course also be welcome :wink:.)