More than one expression in string manipulation without nesting or recursive loops

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has developed a simple method for running multiple expressions in string manipulation (ideally based on a table/excel sheet) without nesting or recursive loops

I would like to do replaces just like in the following post:

Would this be possible with the rule engine (dictionary) node?


Hi KNIMEadventurer77

For this, I’d trying using the Column Expressions node

you can do nesting in String manipulation:

replace(replace($colnameA$, "abcde","test1","w"), "fghhi", "test2", "w") 

bascially use the output of the function as input in second function. But it’s not nice and only goes so far.


Hi there KNIMEadventurer77 ,

It is possible if I got you right. See here:


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