Most efficient way to collect input file metadata?

Hi, I have several workflows that generate output data in excel format. The workflow has several file inputs also in excel. I would like to get the input file(s) metadata (file path, created date, modified date, etc) in a table so I can add it to the output files as a reference. What would be the best way to implement this?; collecting the input file metadata one by one looks inefficient (from the excel reader nodes). Any ideas or examples you can share?

@jcjaldin you could use a list file node and a loop to get information (paths) and append them like this:

You might have to use newer nodes instead of deprecated ones.

Then you can extract further meta informations from files like when they have last been changed, size and so on:

And then specific to Excel you can use OpenPyxl from the bundled Python to extract specific informations from the Excel file itself (like author …):

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