Mountpoint Connector: Mountpoint unknown error

We just upgraded the server to 4.15.2 and AP 4.6.3 versions.

Now, previously working workflows using the KNIME Mountpoint Connector node fail. The error message is “Execute failed: Mountpoint ‘our-knime-server’ is unknown”. Is there a way of fixing the issue?

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What is the default mount ID of your server? It seems that is has changed after the update.

Hi, it is actually the same still.

our-knime-server (f.surname@http://server/knime/rest) is what I see on my KNIME AP.

Did you also check the server configuration itself? The local AP will not be affected if you already have a mount point with the “correct” id. But the executor will get the mount point ID directly from the server every time a job is loaded.

The same name can be seen on the management portal under this entry:

I suggest you contact our support. To me this still looks like a configuration problem.

Hi all,

for anyone else ending up here: It may be a solution to reconfigure executor preference profiles. Specifically, make sure the executor is subscribed to the correct profile, which contains following lines:


More information on customization profiles can be found here and further notes for executors are here.

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