Move files from one folder to another

Hi, I’m still a beginner and know basic knime nodes, I don’t know how to create a workflow of this: I have a folder where every day new files come and is saved from folder A and I like to move the files that are present at the moment in folder A is moved to another folder (folder B) (it’s like served as an archive). I want this to have a loop like if there is a new file coming to folder a the previous one automatically moves to folder b its like having a trigger node to it (I don’t know if it is possible just using a knime workflow or if I have to do some scripting as well so that the trigger will run without actually clicking the run button in knime?). Will appreciate your help.

My first initial set up is transfer files node with this

Automation normally requires KNIME hub/Server. As a workaround for a small project you could use windows task scheduler for that

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