Move head rows to a column

Hi everybody.
I’ve uploaded a csv that uses head rows, identified with specific value, to separate groups of row.
I need to move the data from the head row to a new column, updating the value when a new group starts.
Usually, with excel, I use a If instructions:

  • if head row → take value from specific column
  • if not head row → copy the value from this column, previous row
    Is it possible to obtain the same result in Knime?

@willy_oracle typically you would mark all lines with a Counter. Then identify the ‘headers’ with a rule engine [IF Col1 LIKE “Head*” => Counter] and keep that (starting) row in a separate column. Then you fill the missings with the previous value so a block would emerge marking the data table:


So now you have the blocks marked an can use a Table Row To Variable Loop Start – KNIME Hub or Group Loop Start – KNIME Hub to do something with the blocks (export them delete lines with missing values …).


Thank you very much!!!
It works.
Probably the rule engine + fill with the previous value is sufficient.


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