Move prev. files stay the latest file

Hi, Knime Community, I have this workflow where it moves the previous files to another folder, and the latest file stays in the folder, which will be the raw data for running the report workflow. My raw data file follows a date format, which is why I created this workflow (Sample format of raw data: MonthlyFinancials-2024-04-04). My question, is there a workaround if the raw file doesn’t have a date format? Is it possible for it to be based on retrieving the most recent/current file based on when it was added or the date modified in the folder?

This is my current workflow:
Move prev files get current.knwf (30.0 KB)

Hello @Heldyyyyy,

take a look at Files/Folders Meta Info node. Among other information it provides Last modified date.



It works! Thank you for this. I really learn something new everyday in this forum :grinning:

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