Move slider in a pane


i want o move a slider in a pane up.

the source code is:

<div class="pane" style="display: block;">
   <div class="slider" style="height: 164px; transform: translate(0px, 545px);">

The slider should be pointed to (0px, 0px).

This side would be an easier example than the original:

I made some attempts with the Node "Execute JavaScript" and scrollTo, scrollTop or ScrollUp, but i did not find the correct examples. My skills in Javascript are very low.

Can someone help me?



Hi Jens,

the next major release of the nodes will support additional drag and drop functionality. However I can currently not guarantee any fixed release date, probably until end of the year.

In case it's urgent, drop me an email and I can see, whether we can work something out.