Move some files from one folder to another and rename

Hello guys,

I’m new to the community and would like your help with two situations:

  1. I need to pass a file → rename it → Move to another folder. In this case I followed the following flow:

“Excel Reader” → "string to URI "-> “Copy/Move Files”

But arriving at the last node, it gives the message that the file is missing… Could it be that I configured the node wrong?

  1. I need to get several files from a subfolder and move to another one, without having to rename. Here the “string to URI” node says that there is no column selected, but how can I configure it to select columns from different tables?

@paulduck69 welcome to the KNIME forum. You could check these example about how to handle files and copy and rename them:

There are two nodes that would currently be used to transfer files: Transfer Files (Table) – KNIME Hub and Transfer Files – KNIME Hub

You could check out this entry how to create Path variables:


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