Hi everyone,

I am new to KNIME and have several questions.
After having made my several nodes and changes, I finnaly have the 3 columns I need. From now, I would like to put the datas from those columns in another file (template), in specific column also.

Do you know which node i need to use in order to make it happen??

Thanks in advance,
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Hi @ConstantD

What do you mean by another file? you want to combine your 3 columns to one column?
I can help you better if you upload your workflow here.


Hi @mehrdad_bgh,

Basically, I have a file, that needs to be reworked before putting relevant datas in a template. These a sell out datas.
I have filtered the column I needed, now, I want to put the datas inside thoses columns, in a template.
For example :

sku sales in unit stock
76292 2 3

I want to put those datas in columns from a template I need to send afterwards.

Hi @ConstantD,

so basically you want to write the data from your workflow into an pre-formatted Excel?
Or what is your template file format?
Can you give an example how your template file looks? (e.g. formats and where in the file the data has to be written to)

Yes exactly !
Putting my workflow into a pre formattede Exel file.
In my workflow, I have 3 relevant columns that I keep. I need to put those columns in certain columns on my excel sheets. For example, my column “sales” of my workflow
datas need to be put into the column “sales” on the excel file

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This question seems to be asked a lot. How to bring data into an existing Excel file. There are options but also some limitations. You might want to take a look at these threads.

You might have to press search again.


Hi @ConstantD,

like @mlauber71 said - saidly there is no standard node for that :frowning:
But there are solutions with java snippets or python. (Which require a bit of manual code)
If that is okay for you, then I’ll check if I can give you an example workflow for a java snippet Excel Template writer

Another solution is to write your data into a new sheet in your template file.
(with the Excel sheet appender node) and then just reference the data from your main sheet with formulas - then you can always update/replace the data sheet, while the formulas in the main sheet update your template :slight_smile:


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