Moving future dates to a new column

Hi Fellow KNIMERs,

I have a table to track project dates for tasks on the project. I am trying to clean up the data on the date columns to make sure actualized date columns (columns ending in *_A__c) only have dates in the past and any future dates need to be moved to the forecasted column (columns ending in *_F__c). In some caes the forecast column does not exist, so would need to create one and then move the future dates into the forecast column.

For example:

The above table should be changed to:

I have created a loop on the list columns that need to looked at and IF SWITCH to determine if there are 2 columns for the TASK (A and F columns). I am stuck trying to move the dates.

Any help would be appreciated.

hi @vpinrange
Here’s a tentative workflow. I’m not completely sure it will encompass all possible cases, but it seems to work with your example dataset


Hope it is helpful
moving_dates.knwf (35.1 KB)

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You are a genius! Thank you! I didn’t realize that there was the expression extension pack that needs to be installed. It makes things so much easier!


@vpinrange Thank you! Be sure to double check the names of the columns, because I assumed they were *_A__c and *_F__c. In case they change let me know

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