Moving Server components to different location without breaking absolute link?

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to move components in the Server from a Workflow group to another group without breaking the link?


  • We have several components which are being used by different people. These components use absolute link and are located in workflow group A.
  • We now want to change the location of the components (e.g. to put them in a folder with more visibility) to workflow group B.
  • If we do that, the link is broken and the users who already use the components won’t be able to update it anymore.

Any ideas about how to proceed?

Thank you.

Hi @misterhd,

I believe that there is no direct way to move components between workflow groups on the KNIME Server without breaking the component’s update link. Moving a component to a different workflow group will result in a broken update link. A workaround would be to duplicate the component within workflow group B. The duplicate would have its own update link within workflow group B. This means that if you make changes to the original component in workflow group A, you would need to manually update the duplicate in workflow group B to reflect those changes so both components are similar in functionality.

I hope this helps!


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