MS Access Database Connection

Hi everyone,


I'm new to KNIME,

I have problem in writing the data back to MS Access database, Please help me.

I tried to read the data from MS Access DB with the help of this link everything was fine.

Now when I'm trying to write the data back to the same DB after some transformation, I'm getting this error ERROR Database Writer      2:19       Execute failed: UCAExc:::4.0.1 unexpected token: STATE required: (

Here I'm attaching the image of the workflow of what I'm trying to do (And that's how I'm configuring), Please find it.

I'm sure I have missed something, Please help me correct that.


Thank you.

Please at least tell me if writing data to MS Access is not nossible.

Google is your friend...A simple search for "KNIME MS Access" will give you some good results...

Hi beginner,


Thanks for the tip.

I did everything I could now I'm getting this Error ERROR Database Writer      2:27       Execute failed: UCAExc:::4.0.1 connection exception: closed

Any idea?




can you please send the KNIME log which contains the full error message. To view and save the log file open KNIME and go to View->Open KNIME log. Also the part of the log file that contains the connection URL and the driver information would help.



You can make some more steps.

1. Use latest Access driver 4.0.2 (may fix some errors).

2. Find a column generating error (create new table to experiment, token error could be a data type issue)

3. I hadsame type of problem writing in existing table (creation of new one - no problem)

Also KNIME is involved in the error reporting. If you delete Access table, restart KNIME, it succeed.

If you got an error and did not close KNIME error persists.

There all,

We're working wince couple of years with Knime and we'd like to write directly into MS Access, we do, but we face problems when the column header contains spaces.

Is it possible to write througout Ucanaccess into an Access table with spaces in the column headers?

Thanks in advance