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Hello, i’m new to Knime and the forum.

I hope you can help me with an access-issue in Knime. I created a workflow to open and read a database by Microsoft Access Connector Node and it worked perfectly. But how to open a password protected access database? I try to use the Credentials Configuration node and found out here in the forum i have to add a jdbc parameter in the MS Access Connector.

I get the following Error:
Execute failed: UCAExc:::4.0.4 Decoding not supported. Please choose a CodecProvider which supports reading the current database encoding

can you tell me, what i need to get the password protected database read?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @JMK_1982 and welcome to the Knime Community.

The Credentials Configuration node is just an interface to enter credentials that you can then use as a flow variable as dynamic values. But if the node you are capturing the credentials for, in your case the MS Access Connector, does not support credentials, you will not be able to pass the credentials, and the MS Access Connector does not support credentials.

Can you try with the DB Connector instead and see if it works? There you can pass credentials.

Hi @JMK_1982 , it looks like you pass credentials with the DB Connector, but not the way I suggested, but rather via the ucanaccess.

Please check this thread:

And UCanAccess documentation:

Hi @JMK_1982 , just did some tests.

You can actually pass the password as a JDBC Parameter, like this:

However, this works only for MS Access files that are password protected without encryption, that is mdb files. This does not seem to work for accdb files as accdb files that are password protected are encrypted.

I’ve tried various ways, even using the UCanAccess driver and also passing the password via the connection string for the accdb file, it does not work.


Hello JMK_1982,
opening encrypted database files is not support right now. Please see this post for further details



Thank you @tobias.koetter for clarifying for encrypted password protected db files.

Hello and thank you very much for your answers. In fact it was an accdb-file i wanted to read. I understand i can’t handle this encrypted file in Knime.

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