MS SQL Connection from Knime Executor and different user


I have a problem to connect to a MS SQL Database from Knime Executor.
What I’ve learned so far:
The executor is communicating with the windows-authentication of the machine it is coming from.
The role on the SQL Database is defined in a way that a defined User - with Username and Password can connect to that Database.
Using any connector such as DB Connector or MS SQL Connector - with the option of authentication ‘Username and password’ is not working as soon as the workflow is executed from the KNIME executor.
Reason: Failed to login on the SQL Database.

For further information. The workflow is running with no issues when I execute it from my local machine (local KNIME analytics), because my local windows-user is within of the above mentioned SQL-User-roles.

There seems to be a workaround to include the entire KNIME Executor machine in one of the SQL-User-Roles, but that is not what I want since it is against our IT-guidelines.

Is there anyway I can make this work?

Hi @EngiP3,
To diagnose this it is necessary to look at the log file of your executor. The file can be retrieved from the WebPortal UI by an administrator and is named knime.log. Can you have a look into this file and see if you find an error message related to the error you are describing? As a paying KNIME Server customer you are also eligible for our support, so feel free to open a ticket if you do not want to share this information publicly.
Kind regards,

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