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I turn to you as I cannot find solution to my problem. I tried to find some answers on the web without success…

Well, I try to connect to MS SQL Server 2016 via the connector. I have installed today the latest Knime version (4.0.0).
Currently, I haven’t succeeded in connecting to the server, as I always have the following error:
“ERROR Microsoft SQL Server Connector: Execute failed: Échec de l’ouverture de session de l’utilisateur” (> translation: User session failure).
I don’t know why I have this error message, as I can connect to the DB via Microsoft PowerBI software with the same credentials.

Here is the screenshot of the SQL parameter window):

I have tried also to understand how to manage the java installation phase. For this I read a lot of different solution, but nothing worked…
So, i’m deseperate as it’s the stage 0 to start working on the data flow… which I cannot start :(…

Here is the DAtabase parameters in File > Peeference > KNIME > Databases

Does anybody have a suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Hello Nikos,
KNIME provides a plugin that installs the official Microsoft SQL Server driver for you. So I suggest that you remove the entry from the Databases preferences page as depicted above and install the plugin.
To install the plugin after you have deleted the manually registered driver go to File->Install KNIME Extensions…. In the Install window search for sql and you will see something similar like below. Then select the KNIME Microsoft JDBC Driver For SQL Server to install it. If you don’t see the entry then it is already installed.

After installing the driver restart KNIME. When you then open the dialog you should see that the Official Driver for Microsoft SQL Server is selected in the driver name. Try again to connect to the db with this driver. If this still fails please attache the part of the KNIME log that contains the error message. To open the KNIME log go to View->Open KNIME log.



Thanks for this help. Unfortunalty it does not work…
Just reminder, I am under KNIME 4.0.0, and I have installed the Microsft JDBC Driver for SQL Server, as mentioned.
I then restarted and launched the connection, but still the same error message.

Here attached the log messages. In this box, the error message is the same as the message that showed up on the consol window "failure in connexion for user xxxx…
echec connexion.txt (2.5 KB)

On my side, I 'm 100% sure the log in for this user is correct, as I can connect with the same crediencial with MS PowerBI software…

Any help, I would highly appreciate… I have no idea of any workaround…

unfortunately I don’t know how MS PowerBI connects to a SQL database. KNIME uses JDBC to connect to it which requires certain settings on the DB server as well. For more details about it please check this Microsoft document. Here is also an article about a similar problem on stack overflow which might help you to solve the problem:

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