MS SQL Server Mangement Studio 17 Knime Analystics Platform


i know this topic is discussed many times, but i didn’t find a solution that helps.
I have a local Server on my SSMS 17 and want to connect it to KAP. First i downloaded the Driver for management studio 17 on this Website and open it.
This was inside:

I do not know what i do with this. (Sorry i am new to this…)
I tried to follow the database Documentation
but i failed at the first topic. My preferences Window looks different and i dont habe a Database Driver Option.
Here a Picture of my window:
File → Preferences→Knime→Databases???

Thank you (and sorry for my bad english)


You are at the right place to add the file/directory. But first…did you try the “Database Table Connector Node”? Do you have the SQLServerDriver option in the Database Driver list?

Also, there is a Microsoft SQL Server Connector Node. They both work like a charm.