MS Teams Node for easy communication

Is there a plan to develop a node which can write messages or documents into a MS Teams chat? By now there is the Email-Node (which btw is great!), but MS Teams tends to be the new communication plattform in many companies. This would greatly improve efficiency of data-delivery workflows withhin organisations.


Hello @petrich ,
this is a great idea. I have created a feature request for this with the internal number AP-19028. Would you be also interested in receiving messages or only send messages? What are typical use cases that you have in mind. Maybe sending a status message if a workflow fails/successfully executes? Would you also like to send attachments e.g. reports with the message?


Hello Tobias
Thanks for evaluating the idea.
My use case is quite simple: A workflow produces a curated data-file (Excel) on a weekly basis for various stakeholder for further analysis. After the file is produced, the stakeholder should be informed via MS Teams that the file is ready (maybe even with a hyperlink to the file location for a neat UX).
My use case didnt include the possibility to add the status messages or append attachments, but I really like the direction where this is going…Best regards Patrik

Hello Patrik,
thanks for the detailed use case. I can not tell you when we will support this but we will look into it and as soon as I know more I will update this thread

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