Mulit-line string input into table

How can one input (copy&paste) multi-line strings into a table?

Bot the Table Editor and the Table Creator nodes remove the newlines and “linearize” the input string.

Hi @kienerj
I’m not sure that I fully understood your your request. An example of input → aimed output would help…

  1. Do you have a multi-line text in a cell like this one?

  2. And you want to split it in rows. Or do you have a text split in rows?
    ‘Cell Splitter’ node
    delimiter == "\n"
    Then Unpivot

  3. Then, do you want to merge it in a cell?
    ‘Column Aggregator’ node
    columns, wildcard == "*_Arr*"
    concatenate, delimiter == "\n"


The input should be possible with copy&paste into a field in the table using Table Editor or Table creator. I do not get why these 2 nodes strip away newlines of text input.

eg you are verifying your data manually / visually and in case you need to correct, you want to be to paste multiline string into a field displayed in the Table Editor.

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