Multi-Display Support: Allow Detaching of windows


currently all panes / windows are confined to the application window. When someone has multiple display it would be greatly beneficial to be able to detach i.e. the Node Repository or other panes to arrange them more freely.

I am drawing a similarity to how Adobe InDesign allows to define a custom workspace displaying certain windows so the “design area” is unobstructed.


For Knime it would be even better since the workspace area can leverage the entire display providing a fully immersive experience.

Adding to this, having the ability to quickly switch between different window / pane arrangements would ease many aspects about interacting with Knime like saving and restoring or switching between different window configurations.


Great suggestion @mwiegand!

I like the idea of being able to customize how you want your platform to be. I can think of having K-AI, or as you say the node repository off to the side on a second monitor or something.


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