Multiple criteria mapping table to assign value

I’m currently attempting to construct a workflow that uses a mapping table with 5 columns of criteria that assigns a categorical value to raw data. The biggest caveat is that within some rows, the criteria value does not matter. Additionally, there is a numeric column within the raw data that must be retained. I’ve attached a sample workflow with a mapping file table and raw data.

I’ve experimented with a few ways of how to tackle this problem, but haven’t yet found a solution. As I mentioned, the mapping table is unique in which criteria indicated with an “*” means that the raw data value can be anything. Additionally there is a “fallback” assignment of “Z” that captures any rows where there isn’t a mapped assignment.

Hopefully I explained the problem well enough to understand. Also within the attached workflow is a sample desired table of how I want the end result to be.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, John

Mapping Workflow.knwf (74.5 KB)

Could you explain why there are wildcards in Column D of the Raw Data table? I would think the raw data would be determinant (possibly including missing values.) Also where did the highlighted output variable come from?

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Hi @rfeigel,

Thanks for you response. Upon further research, I think you’re spot on - Column D is the determining factor. For reference this mapping table is very outdated and currently my team is in the process of creating a modernized process via KNIME. I no longer think this is a workflow issue and some major reworking is in order for the mapping table.

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