Multiple csv to one csv

I have multiple csv with same column files. I Want to make a one csv.

Please help how I accomplish

Hi @jaydeb91 -

You can use a series of Concatenate nodes to combine your data, and then a CSV Writer node to write out a single file.

Or if you have lots of the, use a List Files node to list them all, then a Table Row to Variable Loop Start node, then File Reader, taking the URL from the ‘URL’ flow variable from the loop start, and finally a Loop End node which will do the concatenation.



Thank you very much Sir…

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It’s working checked it…

Thanks Sir for your help


s.roughley, ScottF I have 3 csv file, same column name in each csv file & value is different but when used attached not only value coming from file no 1. Concatenation not happening for all 3 files. Please help me.



The File Reader node in you workflow is reading the same file in each loop since you do not have assigned the “URL” flow variable to the file location option:



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