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I have multiple pivots that I want to export to one folder. At this moment in time my workflow looks somehow like this

At this moment, I need to manually change the folder and naming for each export. Is there a way to have just a selector for the location (like a variable) and also the naming to be for each branch something like “export_CHINA_current date and time”? So that I don’t have to manually change the naming and folder everytime. Ideally I just select the folder where I want all the excel files to be exported and that’s it.


You could construct a filename an path from Flow Variables with the help of the “Java Edit Variable (simple)” node

The screenshot is from this example:

If you need further inspiration this is the no 118 from this collection:


Hi @CK24_SH,

to specify location use Local File Browser Configuration as it can be used to select directory as well. You will get error in configuration dialog but node will execute successfully. Then you need node for each branch that will automatically construct variable for your file as @mlauber71 pointed out. To get identifier in it (CHINA from your example) you can create it from Flow Variables tab in a node where this info is present. See Figure 7 here on how to do that:

Hope this helps!


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