Multiple File reading from a folder

I have 5 different xlsx files in a folder and I will add new files every month. I want to read them at a same time with the same workflow but I don’t want to combine them. How can I do that?

In other words I want to read 5 xlsx files at the same time, do manipulation and want 5 different xlsx files in result with a single workflow.

Hi @Tushar_07

Your question is not straightforward for me. But I think the solution maybe in this direction.

I have some questions to create a good solution: are the manipulations on each file the same? Does the number of files you want to do some manipulation on starts with 5 and increases over time?



Thank you for your reply @HansS.

Yes, the manipulations on each file are same.
Also the number of files starts with 5 and increase over time.

Hi @Tushar_07,
ok tnx, does it mean that this example flow solved your problem or do you still have issues?
gr. Hans

Can you provide me the Workflow. So that I can configure my nodes correctly.

Hi @Tushar_07
eh voila, reading multiple files.knwf (301.2 KB)

gr. Hans


Thank you @HansS. Just a last question, if I want to put file result file in a different folder, how can I do that?

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Hi . I uploaded a new wf in my previous post, to change the folder you store the result files.
gr. Hans


Thank you @HansS


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