multiple input rows for a table on the Webportal

Hi, I have following problem - maybe it’s easy but I’m stucked at the moment.
I want to insert rows in a table on a Webportal page.

which look like this:

but on the second page is always only one row in the table

What I have to do to insert more rows in the table on page 1?
Can anybody help me. I looked at loops and breakpoints but I’m still wrong solving the problem.

Hey @UWagner,

this is a very interesting problem. The only solution I could think of at the moment is to write a file to disk and append to this file whenever you hit the refresh button. This way you will see the complete table in the second component. You might want to delete this local file in the second component.


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Tanks for the hint;-) The reason I want to solve it this way is because I don’t know the number of rows for a day. A new table should actually be created with each date.
How would you “Knime” this?

I am not entirely sure why you want a new table for each date? But wouldn’t it work similar to the approach I took in the attached workflow?

AddTableEntries.knar.knwf (21.1 KB)

Thanks again…yes you are right. I can filter the date and can keep the file but I want to keep it clean and store only the input of one session without dealing with large datasets which we have later on the server either.
Your example works for page one but didn’t show data on Page 2 when I go through the workflow and on the server shows the problem “workflow not executed” - maybe it a file problem there .
Sorry for bothering but I think we are short before a solution

Hi guys,
Generally, what I like to use for such things instead of a file, is the SQLite Connector. It can create an in-memory database that you can dynamically fill with data in your WebPortal pages. Then in the end, you just collect the data from your database tables and export everything to wherever you like. That way you also do not need to take care of cleanup.
Kind regards,

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