Multiple linear regression for price prediction

housing_test.xlsx (196.1 KB) housing_train calculation.xlsx (1.3 MB) housing_train.xlsx (670.5 KB) hello,

I am new to predictive modeling. I am working on creating predictive model for real estate prices. Price is dependent variable and other few are independent variables. Few independent variables have discrete and non numeric data. Independent variables can be null. I tried to create regression model in excel but adjusted r square value comes under moderate range(0.5 to 0.7). When I used it in the test data I am receiving negative values as price prediction due to high negative intercept value from the model. for creating regression model I converted non numeric value to numeric and assigned 0 for null values. I have attached image of training to get idea of data. It is fine if anybody can explain me using either excel or R programming or SQL query.

Thanks in advance.
housing_train calculation.xlsx (1.3 MB)

If you are curious how linear regression models can be trained in KNIME I’d suggest you try to find some examples, e.g. this one

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