Multiple Page BIRT Report

Hi all,

I am trying to generate a multiple page report in BIRT and I am struggling with the ‘page break’ option.
My data table looks like this:

What I want to achieve is this kind of view:


Basically I would need one page per test. I have tried lots of config combinations of the page break, but I can’t get it right.

What am I understanding wrong here?
Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi @d3n1s,

Add a table to your report with 2 detail rows and only 1 column and bind your dataset to it.
In the first detail row add your image item (dynamic, using bound dataset) and in the second detail row, add a grid with 2 rows and as many columns as you need. Then, in the first row of the grid add labels according to your column names (stats). In the second row of the grid, add data items using the bound dataset. Finally, “always” use page breaks “after” the second detail row of the table item.



Hi @armingrudd,

works like a charm!! Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

Kind regards,


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