Multiple Post Requests

I am working on building a workflow to send text messages to multiple users via a Post Request using a twilio api.

The numbers I want to send the message are managed in a separate table. I am able to get a message to send to the number in the first row in the table but no other numbers.

I tried using Table Row to Variable Loop Start but still can only get one message to send.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @dpaoly,

could you provide the exact error message or an example of your workflow?

I cannot quite grasp what you mean here…


I was able to solve my issue, I was over thinking the solution. Here is a screen shot of my work flow.


Hi @dpaoly , indeed you do not need to do any loop. Any action that follows a node that returns a data table is applied to each row by Knime, so it’s already doing the loop for you.

That being said, this means that it will send the post requests one after the other quite fast, so please check how many requests per second the recipient allows. Some systems block requests if they are coming at a certain rate from the same ip as a protection, in which case, then you may want to loop manually, and add a wait between each loop.


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