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Dear KNIME community,

User Selection 2.knwf (24.0 KB)

I would like to create a quick form where the user can search and chose from a list, for instance :


So as the user should be able to type few words and select the suggestions (as it happens with the autocomplete text widget node). For the moment I didn’t find the way…. I know I can use multiple autocomplete text widget nodes, for instance :


…but, in case of many and not previously known user choices, it can become a bit impractical…
Did some of you face the same challenge and find a acceptable solution ?

Many thanks

Hello @Fra_S3k_knime ,

as far as I can understand your question you would like to somehow filter from a given list?
Do you know how many words are in your list?


Hi dora_gcs, and thanks for your answer:

What I would like is to have something like this :

1 The user type the beginning and suggestions are made based on a reference table, for instance :

***This is already possible with “autocomplete text widget” node but it allows only one choice per time.

2 The user selection is recorded and then they can select other choices. The output should be a table (or a variable or whatever) but containing the user choiceS.

The words (choices) in my list are too many (+200) and can vary (they come from a query reader).


Hello @Fra_S3k_knime ,

I believe a Table View + Row Filter can do this. That is true it is not the logic what you are looking for / following, but it works.


Make sure the Multiple Selection is enabled:

After selecting the items you want, filter for “true”:

I selected Jambo, Ciao, and Hola, with three different search for “a”, “c”, “l” :


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Sorry for my late reply and many thanks @dora_gcs !!! That’s a fantastic solution ! It worked perfectly.

I am trying another solution too but for the moment is not working, I will post here if I’ll succeed

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