Multiply several rows

Hi, I’m trying to multiply several rows at the time and don’t know really how to do it. I’m fairly new to Knime. The data looks like this:

What I want to do is multiply R1 with C1, R2 with C2 and so on… any ideas?

Hi @LuisMP,

you could transpose the table and then use some MathFormular nodes.

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Or extract the number from the identifier ("Total") and use it in a GroupBy node as grouping column. "Product" is one of the aggregation methods, this should work out.


hello @LuisMP,

please have a look at the attached workflow and init data.

I hope it helps.

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init_data.xlsx (9.3 KB)

multiply_totalpairs_by_month.knwf (60.0 KB)

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