Multiplying a row with multiple value

Hi Guys! I’m a a beginner with Knime. I have the following problem. If you can see the table below, the 1st column shows the number of chains available.

I would want to multiple each of these rows with the sub chains. For an example Chain A has 3 Sub chains like below.

The end result should look like this. Would be really great if you guys can help me out on this. As this will immensely help me in my current career. :slight_smile:

hi @Suggen17
hope this helps you to get started
KNIME_chain-MM.knwf (112.9 KB)



Hi Marzukim,

That actually helped me. Thank you really !

However how if there’s additional Description for the same Chain. Even if i include more it just iterates the 1st three rows. Would like to get something like below with 2 descriptions. But it can go up to 100+ descriptions for the same chain. Is there something i can amend by using the same nodes you’ve shared ?

Source :

Output Sample :

hi @Suggen17 ,
please check the attached workflow to see if it meets your requirements. i had to use a different approach here.
KNIME_chain-MM-V2.knwf (156.4 KB)

linux knime 5.1.x

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