Multiplying columns with row values

I have table like this:
row0 1, 10, 100
row1 T1, T2, T3, timestamp
row2 123, 321, 221, 2023-08-21T13:49:45

Row0 are divisors. Row1 is header row.
This is the expected row outcome:
row2 123, 32.1, 2.21

I have been able to separate divisors and the rest of the table with table splitter. Then I have tried to inject divisors and the rest of the table to Math formula (multi column).
Divisors as table row To variable and table row to variable loop to math formula’s variable Inport.

I haven’t been able to divide columns with divisors. As I understand $$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ holds selected columns and all selected columns are processed.
How can I do something like this: $$CURRENT_COLUMN$$/divisor column?
So current column values get divided with correct divisor.

And there is another problem. There is missing rows i.e. timestamps are not spaced evenly. I have seen few tutorials, but nodes that are used in those are no longer available.

Really appreciate any help.

Hello @poutila,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

KNIME works row-wise so best is to transpose your data in order to perform manipulation you are looking for. Regarding timestamps not spaced evenly hard to tell. From experience it’s best to share input data (dummy works just fine) and expected output together with logic behind it (if not obvious) with community in order to avoid guessing and to get better/faster ideas/suggestions/solutions.



hi @poutila ,
i’m using a column loop node approach to calculate the values in each column.
as per ipazin’s mention, you can share the flow/data (if it is not confidential) to resolve the mentioned issues.
KNIME_cols_multiply.knwf (136.5 KB)


apologize if this does not meet your expectations.

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