My experience using Knime with Python - Date today, previous month/year

I was looking for a solution for dates and variables. I’m using Python into Knime. I need variable because I run SAP transactions and I need automatic variables. For example all months I run transactions in SAP that I allways use the previous month. I work in accounting dapartment. We need databases of previous month every month.
How can we get the automatic date in Knime?
I saw the poste below. If I know how to create a code in Python I can do this using this knowledge. Maybe is not much efficient, but I think this can open our mind for many possibilities.

I don’t know if here is the place to talk about this, but let’s go. Sorry



Previous Month Dates – KNIME Hub

Another thing. Why don’t I never see someone posting videos, using youtube, sharing experiences with Knime?
I think it is so eficient instead of printscreen.

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If I google YouTube I see several video channels dealing with KNIME including the ‘official’ one from KNIME itself.

Now that you mention it maybe you could provide a video about the use of date and time variables between KNIME and Python and possibly share the code from your screenshot.

Then I think the KNIME forum and hub are good places to talk about all things KNIME and share insights and examples

Another place that is full of KNIME content is Medium:


Sorry I forgot to say “In this Forum”. Why don’t we see videos in this Forum. Everybody only use Printscreen about the solution and ideas.

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Hello @Aldemir ,
I guess you need to work with exchange rates or related in SAP.
Since you only want variables, one variable expressions node is enough for the task.
My flow uses the execution date for calculating the past month

KNIME_date_variable.knwf (6.1 KB)

My opinion on for why we don’t have videos in the forum.
For simple scenarios, one node or just suggestion is enough.
For specific scenarios, like regex is different for every case.
For complex scenarios no video can be enough.

If you want information about your scenario, I guess first googling with KNIME in search should be done :sweat_smile:


I didn’t know this “Variable Expression” and how to build your logic.

I’m jaw-dropping. You are perfect! Beautifull!!

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