My mystake or bug with Joiner?

I’m facing what I’m sure is a simple problem but I can’t find the mistake.
I have two tables that I have simplified just to show my problem in the attached example.
Both table have two columns one with a string and one with an integer.
If I match them in excel using the string a get a full corrispondance (they are identical). In Knime it seems that those two strings below are not identical:
Left table: C - Certificazioni e Progetti/01.Impianti elettrici/01.[AAAA].Apertura/01.Progetto Esecutivo Firmato/
Right table: C - Certificazioni e progetti/01.Impianti elettrici/01.[AAAA].Apertura/01.Progetto Esecutivo Firmato/

I attache the Knime workflow example and the excel where you see they fully match.
What am I doing wrong?

Example.xlsx (11.1 KB) Example.knwf (24.7 KB)

Hi, Can you show your joiner config ?

Hello Mohammad, I’ve attached the knwf file. There you can open the joiner node

yes.I find them.
you just have a little mistake they did not match because of difference in writing. one have P another was p


You are right!!! Thank you :slight_smile: :smiley:Then is excel who is wrong. Nevermind excel


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