MySQL - DB Partitioning

I connected “MySQL Connector - DB Table Selector - DB Partitioning”.
But “DB Partitioning” node failed with this error message “Partition is not supported by this database”.
I used the driver "MySQL 5 [ID: MySQL 5]

What am I supposed to do?


Hi hhkim,

it seems that MySQL 5 does not support this type of partitioning natively.
In this case I would suggest to check the MySQL documentation to see which kind of statements are necessary for the task you want to fulfill. Then you could use a DB Query node to run this statement.

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Hi @hhkim , what is the reason for using the DB Partitioning node? Can you explain what you are trying to do?


Thank you for your help!
I’ll check the documentation.

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I was just wondering how to use this node.
And I checked the documentation of it, but there is no information about what type of databases can be connected.

@hhkim the databases supported and their functions in this case would depend on the DB driver not the KNIME node. In this examples you can change the driver and access new functions. You could check if this is possible in your case. You although might loose compatibility in some cases of KNIME dB nodes.

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