MySQL won't connect to remote host but instad try to connect to own ISP-IP

Hi Knime Community,

I am trying to connect to a remote MySQL database. Though, I have installed the JCDB driver and Connector Extension for Commong Databases.

Regardless of the node (MySQL Connector, Database Connector or Database Table Connector) Knime throws the error Access denied for user 'USER'@'MY-ISP-IP' (using password: YES) instead of @REMOTE-DB

What am I missing? Thanks a lot for your advices.

Kind reagrds

It's solved. The caused was rooted in the jdbc connection on the server side which was not activated. The console output was a bit misleading … maybe it can be altered to provide a more meaningful context in such circumstances.

Hi Mike,

great you found the solution.

Cheers and welcome to KNIME