Naïve Bayes example

hi friends

i want an simple example of Naïve Bayes workflow

anyone can help me?

tres merci


I have just uploaded an example onto the KNIME Example Server. The name of the workflow is 002007_NaiveBayes located in the 002_DataMining section.



Hi, Good guys 

I saw the example of Bayes.. and I could understand how it works.. little bit   (Thanks.. )

em.. I want to make it by using bayes nodes in knime for next Q.


In the some Town (there are 620 women, 380 men = total 1000)

men who are over 180cm is 6% among men (380), women who are 180cm is 1% among women (620)

Q. I meet one who lives in the Town and the one is 184cm.

  1) what probability is the case that the one is woman ?  the answer is 21%.. 


How can I make Knime to get this answer??