Naive Bayes Learner

Dear all expert,

When I run the Naive Bayer Learner node, I have the below warning: ,

WARN Naive Bayes Learner 4:25:568 The following attributes are skipped: PAY_6_apr05/Too many values, PAY_5_may05/Too many values, PAY_4_jun05/Too many values, PAY_0_sep05/Too many values, …(see node view)

Please advise what I need to do ? Thanks

Hi @SIngpaore_knime
The problem is the type of your columns. They look like numerical but they are of type string. Please change all the “numeric like” colums of string type into columns of type double and it should work fine. The node to use is the -String to Number- node:

The reason why the -Naive Bayes Learner- node is not failing but complaining with a warning is that it considers these colums as nominal, where values are categories. This is a no sense and conversion should be done before doing the learning and the prediction.

Hope this helps.


@ Aworker,

Problem resolved thank you very much

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Hi @SIngpaore_knime

My pleasure and glad it helped. Since the problem is solved, could you please tag the post with the solution as solved :white_check_mark: so that other people can find the solution on top of the topic more easily ? Thanks :slight_smile:

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