Name columns

I have been working with the Document Vector node … and I have a doubt.
I want to extract the name of the columns (hence the terms) to a table … in order to bring the terms (and the order in which they are extracted) a python node.

I also have this question … if I have in a table the names of the columns, there is some simple way to assign each name to the columns of a new table … I know that it exists in the Rename Column node but this allows me to do it column by cloumna , and the truth is many columns to do it manually. Some help?

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Hi @madegomez,

I have found the topic(s) below similar to your question. Maybe it’s worth to take a look.



I think you could either do it in Python directly. I think you would get the column names with input_table.columns.values.tolist().

Or within Knime you could use the “Extract Column Header” Node.


Thanks! This has been very helpful

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You have a great idea! Thanks.