NameError: name ‘i_out’ is not defined”

Hello, I got an error with the Auto ARIMA learner component-
“ERROR Python Learner 3:79:0:105 Execute failed: name ‘i_out’ is not defined
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 47, in
NameError: name ‘i_out’ is not defined”

I had this error message running my workflow as well as the example workflow on Knime hub.

Can do you help me, pls?
Info: my KNIME AP is 4.5.2,

Hi @KimNgoc -

Probably this means that your version of the statsmodels package in your Python environment is 0.12 or newer. Reverting statsmodels to 0.11 should fix the issue.

Sorry for the confusion here. This component was developed before statsmodels 0.12 was available, and several changes were made to the package at that point.

Hi @ScottF
Thanks a lot for your help

I have a question about inspect saisonality. Can you help me to answer in this topic or i need to create an other, pls?

I used inspect saisonaality by in the interactive view, it doesnt have a box local maximum like this exemple. What happen in this cas?

Off hand I’m not sure, I can’t reproduce that problem when I try the inspect seasonality component on my end. We’d need to look at your specific workflow in more detail to understand better.

i resolved my problem. Thank u so much!!!

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