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I am doing a text analysis of learning outcomes. My file consists of a single column of text with a Header SLE.

After loading the EXCEL file, I want to use KNIME’s Row IDs to name my documents.

If I want to name the documents in my workflow, I see that I have three options: (1) choose the strings in a column, (2) use the RowID, or (3) use an empty string.

When I choose Row ID, I find that the names of my documents are not the to-be-expected “Row1”, “Row2”, etc.

Here is a screen capture of the preview field of my Excel Reader configuration window:

Here is a screen grab of the Strings to Document widget configuration window:

If I choose the RowID option, I get the following (as expected) in the String and Document Output Table:

But…when I use the Document Viewer widget to see the names of my documents, etc., I see:

Why don’t I see “Row1”, “Row2”, “Row3”, etc. as the entries in the Document Title column?

Hi @rdarrenstanley,
maybe the reason is that in your loaded excel file the records are sorted by rowindex (numeric!) and not by rowid. In the document viewer the records are sorted by ‘Document Title’ (alphanumeric!).

So i guess if you scroll down you would see also find Row2 and Row3 at the place a sorted list string would have it.
For e.g. Row2 at least after Row199 (if this document exists).



Hi @rdarrenstanley and welcome to the KNIME Forum! :smiley:

I agree with @morpheus’s answer (thanks!!) – it’s a sorting problem due to how the data type can handle sorting (string data type vs. numeric data type sorting).

For future questions concerning nodes of KNIME Analytics Platform, please consider posting in KNIME Analytics Platform category :wink: :smiley:.


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It is perhaps more likely that I am simply confused because I am new to KNIME. Still, in the third image, under SLE Documents, the names of the docs are all “Row1”, “Row2”, “Row3”, etc. But under Document Title, in the fourth image, the names are different. Should they not be the same? This appears more like a KNIME issue than an EXCEL issue…or maybe it is a ME issue! :wink:

Thanks for your response and help, BR!

Thank you for your response, Robert. Although I read about the different forums and their purpose, I was not clear where I should post things like this. So next time I shall go to the KNIME Analytics Platform category for queries like this.


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