Naming of columns after image splitter

The columns after applying the image splitter nodes are named quite technically, which is ok for me. But in my eyes, it would help a lot if the dimension names were conserved.

If I have an x/y/t image and split it by t, it gets the same column names as a x/y/z image that was split along z. That's a bit of a hurdle when trying to program a workflow that does not depend on the input dimensions, e.g. for simple conversion and visualization tasks from czi to png.

As an example: the current columns after splitting are named Img [min=[*, *, 0];max=[*, *, 0]]
This could be changed to Img [min=[*, *, 1];max=[*, *, 1];dimensions=xyt].


Hi Lorenz,

I'm not sure if I understand. We could  add the dimensions, but then your workflow actually depends on the input dimensions, so we would introduce a problem which doesn't exist since now? Or am I understanding something wrong?